UZU - Exploring the endless rhythm of life

Duo exhibition with Mitsurintokyo at Ultrasupernew Gallery - Tokyo (JP)

26th January - 2nd February 2020

UZU, can be defined as a “swirl” in Japanese. In this exhibition, the swirl becomes a circle; a circle of life, as life in humans and nature runs along the cyclic path death and rebirth. The unconventional duo  created a parallel between the evolution of life of both mankind and plants, highlighting the transience of human life and, by doing so, glorifying every single moment of it. The artists achieved this by combining visual art and physical installations in a unique mix that puts the spectator at the centre, inviting them to reflect on and accept their destiny, and share what they learned with the generations to come. This is what keeps this virtual circle in perpetual movement.

Sante Visioni showcases 6 paintings, which represent the result of his research on what men can learn from the plants' world throughout their life. Mitsurin Tokyo presents a complex installation revolving around the evolution between different lifetime periods and embracing the paintings. By bringing both artists’ works together, the parallelism and rhythmic flow in both worlds become apparent.

Sante Visioni X Mitsurin Tokyo - UZU - Opening Recap from Sante Visioni on Vimeo.